The Basics – why we do what we do…

Basically, between us, we have 8 kids.  That leaves very little time, and even less spare cash, for us to treat ourselves.  We rarely get out to dinner but we do love a little ‘us’ time by taking a drive and stopping off at a café along the way for a cuppa and a treat.

Over the years, we have been to quite a few cafes and recently we had a trip to one where we were both in awe at how perfect it was, yet at the same time, flabbergasted that perfection can also mean disastrous.  It was one of the funniest worst experiences we have had while café hopping.

But all was not lost on our disastrous visit to this particular café.  Out of this experience, the idea for our blog was born and our thoughts and ideas blossomed.

Welcome to “The Right Wrong Way” – a blog outlining some of the quaintest little cafés, offering the sweetest little treats on our glorious Emerald Isle, and in some cases, leaving a long lasting bitter taste in the mouth.

Our ranking system is simple.

We chose 5 aspects which we thought necessary to provide customers with an enjoyable experience in a café.   We mark each of the 5 aspects out of ten (one meaning awful, ten meaning excellent)

The 5 aspects combined give an over all result out 50.

The Café = 10 pts

(originality of premises)

The Atmosphere = 10 pts

(which will include staff friendliness)

Menu = 10 pts

(one of us is vegetarian)

Cleanliness = 10 pts

(kinda a given but surprisingly not always)

Value for money = 10 pts

(after all, we are the next best thing to cheapskates, we’re parents!)


We hope you enjoy our adventurous musings and always welcome feedback or suggestions.


Ger and Fi.

One final note, all photography used on this blog is by Ger.

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